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The weather is warm, and the kids are home from school. Keep them busy over summer break with some fun at home games. I designed this printable beach bingo game to give you an easy way to keep your kids occupied, even when the summer sun doesn’t come out to play.

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Printable Beach Bingo Game

If you would like to save on printer ink and paper, I designed two different sizes of bingo cards.  The full-sized PDFs Beach Bingo Cards will print one card on each 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper.  The half-sized cards will print two-to-a-sheet. I wouldn’t suggest making the bingo tiles smaller than they currently are, as they will be more difficult to use. 

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You Will Need:

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First, download whichever sized playing cards PDF you chose to use as well as the Bingo Tiles PDF to your hard drive.  Be sure to save them to a location that will be easy to find later. Next, load your printer with heavier weight printer paper or cardstock.  Then, set your printer to the highest quality print settings. This will give you the best final results when you print out the bingo cards and tiles. Now simply send the PDFs to print!

Use scissors or a paper cutter to cut the bingo tiles apart.  You will use these tiles in place of standard bingo balls when it comes time to play the game. Standard bingo rules apply! I suggest using small pieces of paper or candy to mark the bingo cards, rather than bingo markers so that the cards can be used over and over again.

The kids may also like creating their own Summer Bucket List to fill with fun things that’ll occupy them throughout the summer! And for more bingo games, bookmark our St. Patrick’s Day Bingo, Valentine’s Day Bingo, and Halloween Bingo so you’re never at a loss for easy, fun games throughout the year.

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